Recovery Housing for Men

The ARC is situatied in a cluster of 8 homes located in a secluded residential community in the southeast corner of downtown Amarillo.  Our property also includes a full kitchen, dining hall, and staff offices.  Staff support consists of more than 25 years of sobriety.  Come check us out!

Since 1973

A House on the Way Home

Since 1973, the ARC has been a house on the way home for hundreds of Veterans and others recovering from Substance Use Disorder.  We meet the basic needs of our residents at an affordable price, allowing them to recover and become of service.


At the ARC, the basics of housing and nutrition are met so that men in early recovery can focus on what matters.


One affordable program, which includes three nutritous meals and residence in a semi-private home with amenities.


The staff at ARC serve as models, instructing residents in the art of early recovery.  Moreover, the residents learn from each other.


Sensible living includes daily maintence and upkeep of the household, plus linkage to the broader Amarillo recovery community. 


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what former residents say:

ARC has given me friendships that I never had before, security of a sober environment, and a purposeful life…it’s been the most enjoyable times of my life,

Dana M.

I was in really bad shape, physically and mentally.  The ARC offered me a chance to change and a new outlook on life, 

Terry H.

Living at the ARC with others battling the same problems I was and going to A.A. meetings, I learned to live life on life’s terms.  Now, I’m the one new residents come to,

Cliff H.

With the help of the ARC, I found a place to turn my life around.  I found a serene and healthy outlook on life,

Marcos L.

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Amarillo Recovery Center 
412 S.E. 16th Avenue
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